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I am really greatfull for FRP. Overall, we have a great team of psychologist, physical therapist, dieticians, nurses, wellness instructors etc. who help people with chronic conditions like me and they put a smile on our faces and bring us back to life with a positive attitude.

I came to this program feeling discouraged, helpless, angry, frustrated and very much beaten down medically and mentally misunderstood. This program has shown me the possibilities to live with chronic pain differently. This program also provided a safe place for me to reconnect with people. They gave me the courage to be strong.

This FRP program has been a needed and refreshing adventure in my life. The pain medication worked for me but I realized you can’t take pain medication forever, so the FRP program has shown me how to deal with my pain so that I can at least have a more functional life. I couldn’t even make my bed or do the dishes, now I know how to pace myself so that I can take care of myself with the tools to handle my pain and not let my pain handle me. I won’t be returning to work, but I will have a more full filling retirement and maybe dance again I have a future to look forward to because of this program.


This program has been a complete life changing experience. I was able to understand my situation and educate myself on how to deal with the pain and minimize the impact if had on my everyday life at work and at home. I am so thankful to GOD and to the entire team for helping me make this change.

At first I was hesitant in coming to the program, when I did I was skeptical that the program would help me with managing and coping with my injury and my pain. As the weeks went by I got to learn that it’s possible to still lead a normal life.


It has been a light in my path and a new hope in my life to move forward. It has been four difficult years for me. Now, I feel a lot better physically and mentally. I am very appreciated with all the staff on how kind, patient, and great everybody has been. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s not impossible. The key is to have patience and perseverance.

It has helped me emotionally and also helped me to become a little more mobile.


I was uncertain how this program might help with symptoms of numbness in my left hand when I began; however, I can say with certainty that the comprehensive approach I experienced has exceeded my expectations. Everyone on the staff that we interacted with clearly is dedicated, knowledgeable and completely responsive to each individual’s needs and concerns. Class sizes are small and there for the opportunity to interact with both staff class leaders and other participants is easier. This makes for a comfortable learning environment.


As you start this journey, you start to realize that there’s so much around you that increases your chronic pain. You have no idea that there are so many factors that come into play. You don’t know how to deal or express what you’re going through, but Dr. Gee helps you with all of this. You don’t know how yoga is going to help you at first, but you’re stretching your body in ways you haven’t before and it helps. The gym is torture, but you have to overcome the pain. Finally, I just want to mention the relationships you build with other people in the program, we can relate to each other and provide support for one another. I know I will take the tools that I have learned and apply them. I know that anything is possible. Many thanks to each and every one of you!!!